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Two Art Deco Candleholders
Lefton Hollyberyy Christmas Lamp
Lefton Hollyberry Christmas Lamp
Joy Angels Candles & Holders
Round Candle & Brass Stand
#CA2-01 Two Art Deco Candleholders
This unusual pair of Candle Holders definitely have the Art Deco Look. I don't know how old they are but would estimate mid-20th-century. They are painted purple on the outside with small specks of glitter added. There is one small spot of wear to the paint on one of them, and some of the glitter has worn off. There are no cracks, chips or flaws in the glass. The base is brass with a little wear to the finish.. There are candles inside that have been lit which come up about half way. They are 8" tall, 4" across on the flower petal like base, and 2 /3/4 " diameter at the top. Vintage and lovely candle holders for the art deco collector 
$7.00                                                                       Order
#CA2-02 Pair of Western Candle Holders
Unique handcrafted candle holders for Western or Rustic Decor.
Metal base, posts, and figural cowboy with pitchfork. There is a  wicker like material woven about the tallest holder, and on a curved metal halfway up the other post. There are  metal cups on each for a 1" base candles. Label on the bottom reads Handcrafted for o Silvestri R, made in the Phillipines.  There is a pattern in the metal of the cowboy. The post candleholder is 13 1/4" tall.  The cowboy candle holder is 12" tall. The round metal bases are 3 1/4" in diameter.  This set is well made with solid metal. The woven material resemble wood twigs but is flexible and is tied to the candle holders.  They would make a nice gift for a person with a Western decor, or the candle holder collector.  
No flaws
#CA2-03 JOY Angels Candles & Holders
Three lovely Cherub Angel candle holders that spell JOY.
The J angel is playing an accordion. It is 5 1/4" tall and 3 3/4" wide at the base. The O angel is playing a stringed instrument. It is 5 1/8" tall and 3 5/8" at the base. The Y angel is blowing a horn. It is 5" tall and 
3" wide. With the candles in the holders the average height is about 14". The 3 red candles are included. The holders are made of some sort of pure white ceramic that has a grainy surface. Very nicely detailed, Angels, Wings, and Holly. Click HERE for Close Up Side view of holders. Labels read made in china. This would be a lovely set to display at Christmas with the red candles. With another color the set would be suitable to display year round. All in Excellent Condition.
#CA2-04 Lefton Hollyberry Christmas Lamp
Large vintage porcelain or ceramic lamp or lantern, dark green with raised Christmas tree on two sides, a candle on the other two sides and applied holly berries and leaves. Very unusual candle holder with a red candle inside.  The candle has been lit. Nicely detailed also with top shade, a switch and footed base. There is a very small chip repair on the edge of the shade. Otherwise in excellent condition.  It is 8 1/2" tall, 6 1/2" shade diameterRed label reads Leftons Reg u s pat. off. exclusives, Japan. Number stamped on bottom 2693Beautiful for Christmas display or suitable year round.
was $59.00
 On Sale $34.00                                                          
#CA2-05 Christmas Tree Box
This neat vintage ceramic box is a good size for a 2" diameter candle display at Christmas time. A candle with holly sprigs around it would be a lovely decoration. There is a raised tree with star and 6 snowflakes on all four sides. It is made with a light crackle like glaze. Two labels on the bottomLovejoy's on Main Street, and made in china. It is 3 1/4" tall and square.  It could be used for candy, nuts, etc. In Excellent Condition.
Christmas Tree Ceramic Box
#CA2-06 Round Candle & Brass Stand
Vintage 60s brass candle holder with light orange candle.  The candle has been lit.  Top of the stand is a hammered brass.  There is a 3/4" nail like brass prong to secure the candle on. There is a spiral brass  rod connecting the top of the stand and the 3 curved legs.  This has an art deco look to it.  Label reads Made in Hong Kong. Stand is 5 1/4" tall, with candle 7" tall. Top diameter is 4 1/4".  There is a light circle made by the candle on the top dish. Overall in Very Good Condition.  It would complement any decor.
#CA2-07  Large Cast Iron Candleholder, India
Tag reads  "Exoticals Accessories *Accessories. Inside; Step into a foreign land of mystery & intrigue. From the most primitive of beginnings emerges our new exciting line, Exoticals. From wovens to wires, this line has a vast array of Exotic complements for your home. Back=Coin Collection 6" Candle Base with Lid.  The Vineyard Group, Dallas Texas 75247 U.S.A.", Cast Iron weight is 3.5 pounds, 6 3/8" in diameter, 1 ¾" tall.  Design in relief on lid and sides of holder.  Label on bottom, Made in India. Candle is not included. Unused and in Like new condition. Unique candle holder for use or display.
$10.00                                                                Order
#CA2-09 Saldona Candle Holder, Butterfly
Vintage, Unique and Lovely light weight hammered metal in a flower petal base with a butterfly on one stem and a flower on the other.  The colors are blue, gray, pale yellows and greens. Nicely detailed.  Label reads, Saldona, hand made in Mexico, Sinaloa 88 Mexico 7.D.F. There are a few small areas of paint loss that you can see in the enlarged image which just make it look more like an antique. It is 7 1/2" tall, and petal base is 5" wide. Will hold up to a 2" candle.  Also would be nice for a votive candle.  It is in Very Good Condition.
$12.00                                                               Order
#CA2-10 Creco Flower Candle Globe
Vintage 80s. Very pretty Globe with pale yellow, lily like flowers and baby breath encased in globe. There is an indention in the top of the globe that holds a votive sized candle. Candle inside has not been lit. Wood base is 5 3/4" in diameter, 5 1/4" tall. Label on the bottom reads CRECO TRADING CORP, made in TaiwanThe clear globe reflects light. There are no cracks, chips or flaws and overall condition is Very Good.
$8.00                                                                   Order
Creco Flower Candle Globe, wood base
ButterflyMetal Candleholder
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Large Cast Iron Candleholder, India
Large Cast Iron Candleholder, open, India
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Pair of Western Candle Holders
Pair of Western Cowboy Candle Holders
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