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 Vintage  Christmas Candle Shaper in set of 3.
 Vintage  Christmas Santa with bag  Shaper in set of 3.
 Vintage  Christmas Star Shaper in set of 3.
#MCC-5 Vintage  Christmas Santa, Star, Candle Shaper Set
0 set available
Unmarked. semi-soft white plastic.Star 2 7/8” tall,  Santa with bag 3 3/4” tall,  Candle 3 1/2” tall All   ½” deep, smooth rounded rim
EX Condition
$6.00 set of 3    

Christmas cookie cutter sheet
#K3-C2 Sheet Press Christmas Cookie Cutters
1 available
Red, Hard Plastic Sheet Cookie Cutter, Overall 12.25" long, 7 1/2" wide, 3/4" tall.  This cutter has  9 Christmas images.  They is an Angel, 6 point star, 5 point star, wise man, heart, Christmas tree, reindeer, bell, and half moon. The dough is rolled out and one pressure cut makes one each of the 9 cookie shapes.  Vintage 50s, in Excellent Condition. 
WAS $12.00 now on sale for $7.00                                                        Order.
#MCC- 4 Red Angel Cookie Cutter
2 available
mark=made in china
This is like the Hutzler angel from the same mold as the green angel above that is marked Hutzler U.S.A.. Hard Plastic 3"  tall. Ex condition.
$4.00 each            
Red Angel Cookie Cutter
Red Santa Cookie Cutter
#MCC-1  1981 Hutzler Red Santa Cookie Cutter 
1 available
Detailed Red Santa, 3" X 2 3/8"  mark= made in china .Hard Plastic  
Ex condition.     
#MCC-2 Hutzler Green Angel Cookie Cutter
1 available
mark=Hutzler set 62 set 63 made in U.S.A.
Hard Plastic Green  
3"  tall. EX condition 
Nutzler Green Angel Cookie Cutter
Hutzler has been a family owned business producing high quality plastics since 1938.  During WWII when metal was scarce they became a pioneer in plastic housewares.  The first products produced were plastic cookie cutters, plastic measuring spoons and plastic funnels...all of which are still part of their product assortment today.   see www.hutzlerco.com/story Their Hard Plastic Imprint cookie cutters are high quality and have 2 small air holes that help keep them from sticking to the dough when cutting.
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 Vintage Large Christmas Tree Shaper
#MCC-10 Vintage Large Christmas Tree Shaper
1 available
S. E. Red Tree,6” tall, 3 ½” wide, ½” deep, ¼” rim
EX Condition
Vintage Mexico Candy Cane Cookie Shaper
#MCC-11 Vintage Mexico Candy Cane Cookie Shaper
1 available
Mark=Made in Mexico
S, Red , 3 3/8” tall, 2” wide, 7/8” deep, Rolled edge, EX Condition.
Vintage Large Christmas Bell With Bow Shaper
#MCC-8 Vintage Large Christmas Bell With Bow Shaper
1 available
Unmarked H. Red, 6”” tall, 41/4” wide, ½” deep, ¼” rim
EX Condition

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