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Recipe for Dough Ornaments..............Contributed by Mary G.

These are salt dough ornaments, and, keep for years if kept dry and protected (I still have some that I made in 1980!). 
4C Flour
1C Salt
1 1/2C Water

Knead dough for 10 min, Shape, and bake at 300 degrees.  Bake time ranges, depending on thickness, but, is about 20 minutes for cookie thickness, like the Hallmark cutters produce.

You can bake a hook in the dough, but, I usually use the end of a paint brush to punch a small hole at the top of each ornament, before baking.  I then loop a ribbon or tinsel cord through the hole after the ornaments are done, so that they can be easily hung with or without a hook.

 I then paint each ornament with acrylic paints, and, when dry, spray each with acrylic spray coating to add gloss and make them a little more durable.
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 Large Santa Face Cookie
This Large Santa Face Cookie Cutter is a favorite of Eloise in Yorba Linda California.  You can see that she makes lots of Santa Cookies during the Christmas Season. She also gets lots of compliments on their looks as well as their taste.  These Santa's have  red sugar hats and full coconut beards. 
Yum Yum !
 Large Santa Face Cookies
Diane's Decorated Christmas Cookies
Diane's Christmas Cookie
Decorated Hallmark Santa by Diane
cookies by Jim from Sarasota, FL
These colorful Christmas Cookies were made by Jim R. of Sarasota Florida. Jim used HRM Cookie Cutters.  He says the Blue Reindeer is the best cookie. Although they are the same dough as the others his friends agree with him. . 
Diane T of Jim Falls, WI, makes lots of Christmas Cookie Santas, Candy Canes, Trees and Snowmen every year.  She has help from her sister and niece.  The large Santa is a Hallmark shaper that is one of her favorites.
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Leprechaun with big hat
St Patricks Day Cookies by Janet
Smiling Leprechaun
These Cute St. Patrick's Day Cookies were made by Janet B. Maynard of Maine. Janet used Hallmark Cookie Cutters.  There are two different Leprechauns, two derby hats and two shamrocks.  Janet makes a lot of Holiday Cookies to share with her family and friends.
This is the famous HRM Jolly Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter that has been around  since 1946. He is a favorite of many families who use him so much they have to buy a new one to keep their tradition going from one generation to the next.  May all your Christmases be Jolly!.........

"My mother taught Sunday school for 50 years. When your gingerbread boy cookie cutter came out she began making ginger boys for her children of her large church. She surely made thousands over the years. My wife began using an identical cutter and has done the same at the churches of which I have been a pastor. We have been married 50 years and we just finished our 2012 batch for our church's children. Our Marine grandson's wife used the cookie cutter a couple of weeks ago at our home and our grandson decorated them the gingerbread boys just as my mother and my wife have done for years. My wife said that she was afraid that the cutter would break and that she would not be able to continue this tradition. Our grandson and his wife and 10 month old baby girl were here for lunch and brought an identical gingerbread boy cutter for my wife. They Googled and Googled and finally found them. She will continue this tradition for yet another generation. Your gingerbread boy cutter brings our family and all the children we know much joy."
Rev. David Shreve of Lexington, VA. sent me this story about the HRM Jolly Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter.  He and his family make a lot of these cookies every Christmas season. He has a Webster at that you are welcome to visit.
HRM Jolly Gingerbread Boy Cookies
HRM Jolly Gingerbreead Boy Cookie Cutter
Hallmark Cookie Cutter Christmas Cookies
This fabulous plate of Christmas Cookies were made by Carolyn W.  She makes about 35 plates each Christmas time to give as gifts. She uses vintage Hallmark Imprint Cookie Cutters and enjoys making these beautiful cookies.  Her friends and family enjoy them too.
The card reads. "This Holiday Plate is meant for sharing; With a friend like you who is alwarys caring. Enjoy this treat and when you are through; Pass the plate on to someone who is as dear as you.
2 Alaskan Polar Bear Cookies
 Alaskan Polar Bear and Friend Cookies
HRM 1983 Bear Cookic Cuter
Roberta S, of Delta Junction AK., has a loads of fun when she brings out her cookie cutters to start making cookies for the Holidays.  She made some really festive Alaskan  polar bear cookies with the red Teddy Bear1983 HRM cookie cutter she bought from me recently. (Oct. 2014). The bears are decked out for the Holidays and even brought a handsome gingerbread fellow with them..

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