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#F1-01 Moppets Bashful Girl Fran Mar Figurine 1971
Really sweet 1971 Fran Mar figurine.  Very nice details, dotted swiss dress with 3 red buttons.  Bow ribbon in hair.  She is holding rose behind her back like she might be going to give it to her mother. Impressed mark on bottom reads Moppets, c 1971, Fran Mar. plus Red label Japan. Looks handpainted, 6" tall,  mint condition. 
$16.00                                                                Order
#F1-05 Homco Mama Cat and Kittens Porcelain Bisque Figurine
Lovely vintage Persian or Angora cat family figurine by Homco measuring 
4" high, 7" wide and 3 1/2" deep. The figurine is in very good + condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. The label is missing but it has the Homco X with ^, o, and the number 1412 on the bottom. Beautiful figurine for the cat collector.
$15.00                                                                 Order
#F1-04 Antique Porcelain Pin Tray, Germany
Lovely rectangular dish or tray with rounded and scalloped edges.  I think it is called a pin tray and was used for decoration on dressings tables in the early 1900s.  There is a back stamp that I can just read part of, which is S 1901.  It is 5 ¾” long,  3 ¼” wide with cupped sides that make it ½” tall.The design is a floral spray of roses that goes from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner. There are shaded background colors and gold trim that is in good condition.  The design looks like German or old English roses.  No chips or cracks and in Very Good condition. Beautiful collectible.
$24.00                                                                 Order        
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Ceramic Mallard Duck Hen
#F1-07 Mallard Duck Hen Figurine
Mallard Duck Hen about 30 years old.  Hand painted ceramic and  in excellent condition.  About  3 1/2" tall, 4 " long. Very detailed, very pretty. A nice collectible for duck collectors. Click image to see other side.     
$5.00                                                                    Order             
#F1-06 Germany Jewelry/Trinket Box 
Very old pottery porcelain or ceramic all purpose display box. Large enough for men's or women's jewelry items at 5 3/4" long,  4 1/4" wide, 2 1/4" deep.  Book shape is detailed with a book mark, and an old man which may be a famous inventor or scientific scholar likeness. Colors are soft and clear. There is a pin head shallow chip under lid and a little wear to color at lower lid edge.   Overall in Very Good Condition.  Back stamp reads GERMANYThe Germany mark by itself usually means it may have been made between 1887 and 1891. Unusual box of good quality.
$15.00                                                                 Order
Enesco Precious Moments Clown
Lefton Mallard Duck Planter
#F1-10 Enesco Precious Moments Clown 
With Balloon, 4 1/2" tall. Mark, Happiness is Belonging.  C 1993 PMI, licensee enesco, B0008. On Balloon,  enesco precious moments birthday club. Also has Butterfly markThis PM is very popular with collectors. Detailed hat, polka dot clothes, patch on shoe, doleful eyes, pastel colors.EX Condition..      
#F1-12 Lefton Mallard Duck Planter 
This great Planter measures 6 3/4" high and is 8" long. It is in very good condition. There is a tiny chip to the beak, which is hard to find, and a few small spots of paint loss. It looks like fine porcelain or bisque, and has a regal look to it.  Wonderful detail.  Marked with a Lefton gold and red sticker and stamped in green, Mallard 889. Perfect for any Duck or Lefton collection. 
$18.00                                                                 Order
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Germany Jewelry or Trinket Box
Germany Jewelry or Trinket Box, open
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Moppets Bashful Girl by Fran Mar
Moppets Bashful Girl by Fran Mar, back
Homco Mama Cat and Kittens Porcelain Bisque Figurine
Homco Mama Cat and Kittens Porcelain Bisque Figurine, back
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#F1-02 Porcelain Trinket or Jewelry Box with Matching Pin Tray.
Beautiful vintage trinket or jewelry box with matching pin tray.  Lovely porcelain with handpainted roses, and gold trim on the ruffled edges, handle and four feet.  It is 6”: long 4 ¾” tall and 3 ¾” tall with lid.  Backstamp on both pieces reads Japan.  Pin Tray is 4” long by 3 ¼” wide.
No chips, cracks or paint loss.  Beautiful set in EX Condition..
$25.00                                                                Order
 Porcelain Trinket or Jewelry Box with Matching Pin Tray
 Porcelain Trinket or Jewelry Box with Matching Pin Tray, Open
#MN-1 Native American Indian Family Miniatures 8 piece Set. Vintage 1994,
These polyresin miniature figurines are beautifully sculpted and hand painted. There is a plate with raised teepee, cactus and flowers designs. There is a back stamp that reads G Copy right of 1994 11 Right Reserved by…..I can’t read the next line but it looks like a name Popl    oo.   Lee.  Diameter  is 5”. There are two small plates with raised logs with fire and an arrow tip border design. They are 1 3/8” in diameter. There are two decorated pottery pots 7/8” tall. The father has a bow and quiver of arrows.  He is 2 ¼” tall including the feather in his head band. The mother has a feathered head dress and is 2” tall, The heads of the parents lift off in case you want to put something inside. The child is holding onto a pottery pitcher.
They are all smiling and look happy. This is a very good quality, very detailed and expertly handpainted Native American Set. You would cherish it for years to come. Excellent condition.
$37.00                                                                 Order 
 Native American Indian Family Minatures 8 piece Set. Vintage 1994,
#F1-04 Mexico Miniature Porcelain Duck
This is a sweet  and colorful miniature porcelain or ceramic duck. Looks handpainted and is marked Mexico as a part of the design. Pattern reminds me of the talavera tile that is made in Mexico.She is 2 ½” long, 1 3/8” wide and 1 ½” tall.. She belonged to an elderly ladies grandmother and I expect it dates prior to the 1940s. No chips or flaws. Very Good Plus condition. She belongs in a duck or miniature collection.
$12.00                                                                 Order
#F1-05 Dressy Easter Bunny/Rabbit Figurine Mervyns 1998
Mark=© Mervyn's 1998 made in china
Vintage 1998 Happy Easter Rabbit all dressed up for the Easter Parade and Easter Egg Hunt. Very long ears and a white cotton tail. Two large sunflowers, a basket with eggs and an arm full of eggs. Green grass with flowers, 4" tall. Base is 3 1/2"  by 2 1/2". Coloful and Cute collectible in Excellent condition.
$9.00                                                                  Order
Mexico Miniature Porcelain Duck
Dressy Easter Bunny/Rabbit Figurine Mervyns 1998
Dressy Easter Bunny/Rabbit Figurine Mervyns 1998-side
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