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Anchor Hoccking Lido Miland Pitcher, Depression Glass
G2CO-3 Anchor Hocking Lido Milano Pitcher ( 0 available)
Vintage 40s depression glass, aquamarine color pitcher by Anchor Hocking in their Lido Milano pattern.  In my opinion this color is the loveliest of these pitchers which also were made in amber and green.    Prescut crinkles in body and smooth ridges in handle,  It is large at  9 1/4" tall, 8"  wide. It has an ice lip and is in Excellent Condition, no chips, cracks or flaws.  Water pitcher or use for any beverage when you are serving guests. Beautiful depression glass  for your casual or elegant table.
$45.00                                                                Order
Crouse Hinds Blue Glass Runway Globe
Crouse Hinds Blue Runway Gloge, inside
G2CO-4 Crouse-Hinds Blue Glass Runway Globe ( 1 available)
Vintage 60s Blue Glass Runway Globe.  I thought this was a glass insulator but on the inside top raised mark reads runway side, crouse-hinds and two arrows.  On the bottom rim raised marks read,
pyrex R made in U.S.A.,  clear N L 9768, green N L 9770.  I'm assuming that it was also made in a clear and a green glass but this one is definitely a cobalt blue.  Glass is about 1/4" thick with a bottom lip.  5 1/4" tall,  4 1/4" bottom diameter. There are prescut  vertical ridges on the inside and prescut horizontal ridges on the outside.  It is in Excellent Condition, no chips, cracks or flaws.  This is apparently a unique globe and would be of interest to a collector
$129.00     Free U.S. Insured Shipping                            Order
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#DB-1  Vintage Diamond Prescut Amber Decanter ( 1 available)
This is a pretty square bottle with waffle like diamond prescut pattern on the stopper and  square side areas. The stopper and upper neck are clear glass.  10" tall, 3 1/4" square. On one side of the sloped part is an indention with a circle and dot that looks like where the original label was.  The part of the stopper that fits into the neck of the bottle probably had a cork around it at one time.  There are no chips, cracks or nicks. Good to use and makes a nice display.  Very Good+ Condition.
$6.00                                                                 Order
Diamond Prescut Amber Decanter
Prescut Amber Decanter
#G2CO-6-Vintage Covered Prescut Compote  ( 1available)
Very old glass compote with lid. At one time it was painted to look like amberina. There is some yellowish paint left on the compote and red paint on the footed base. The prescut designs are quite attractive with squares, tear drops, diamond cuts and a scalloped lid. It is 6” tall, 3 ½” square with base of 2 ¼” square.There are no chips, cracks or imperfections in the piece.  It is probably from the Depression era when people could not afford the true amberina and products were made to simulate it.  EX Condition.
$9.00                                                                  Order
Vintage Covered Prescut Compote
#DB-2 Amber Glass and Brass Decorative Decanter with Music Box.
 ( 1available)
Vintage, Unique and Gorgeous Decanter of thick amber glass and brass base and trim. There is a brass Lion Medallion on the front of the decanter. The Stopper has a waffle prescut glass top, and plastic cover over the glass stopper.  The brass handle can be moved to either side.  There is some wear to the brass base and trim but no rust.  There is a tiny nick in the glass of the stopper but no cracks or chips in the beautiful and thick amber glass of the bottle.  There is a wind up music box in the base that plays, “How Dry I Am.” Decanter is 11” tall, with handle up 13 ¾”. tall. Widest diameter is 5".  Bottle is not marked and is empty. This very good quality decanter would be a conversation piece in your home or an unusual gift for a special person.
$39.00                                                                Order                        
#DB-3 Tall Blue Glass Decorator Bottle
Beautiful, tall decorator bottle with prescut waffle squares. This type of bottle was popular In the 40s and 50s. They were used to sit on floor or table as a decorative accent to a room’s decor.. There is a tiny chip on the inside rim of the neck. Otherwise the bottle proper is in very nice condition. The top filial is broken at the base. I rolled a piece of hard plastic to form an insert and taped it on with clear tape, so it could be used with the filial top. Many times the bottles were used without the top with an artificial flower or bouquet.  It could also be used with long stem fresh flowers. With the filial it is 22” tall, and without the filial 15 ½” tall.  The widest diameter of the bottle globe is about 5 ½” in diameter. Top diameter is 1 ½”. Lovely blue glass squares cover the bottle up to the 2 ¾” neck where single ridges merge with the solid glass. I believe this type of bottle was produced within a limited time period. The patterns and colors were very unusual and attractive. I found 1 similar bottle on the Internet listed at $40.00.
My price is adjusted. Nice item for the decorator bottle collector.  
$12.00                                                               Order 
Tall Blue Glass Decorator Bottle with Top
Tall Blue Glass Decorator Bottle
Tall Blue Glass Decorator Bottle Close Up
 Amber Glass and Brass Decorative Decanter with Music Box.
Amber Glass and Brass Decorative Decanter with Music Box, Side
Amber Glass and Brass Decorative Decanter with Music Box, Back
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