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Indiana, Green Compote
#G5-7 WP&G Japan Sculptured Rose Basket Bowl
1 available
This Wonderful vintage bowl with the wicker like handle resembles the 
Mikasa Rosella pieces listed on the previous page, Click HERE to compare. 
 It has not been used as the label that reads, WP&G made in Japan is still inside the bowl.  The shaded pink roses and green leaves are softly raised on the outside and bottom of the bowl, Oval shape 11 1/4" by  8 1/2"  with scalloped rim. 
 4 1/4" tall.  Glass is about 1/4" thick. Would make a lovely centerpiece with fruit,  flower, etc. or could be used as a serving bowl. Like new condition.
$39.00                                                             Order
Beautiful depression crinkle like green glass.  It resembles the Lido Sereno pattern made by Anchor Hocking in the 30s. Can use as vase, bowl or planter. From the 50s. Mark embossed in glass bottom, E. O. Brody Co. Cleveland O. USA.  No manufacturing bubbles or defects, chips or cracks. Excellent condition. I read that Brody pieces would increase in value due to the early mark. Top is  4 1/2" diameter,  4" tall, bottom is  3 1/2" diameter. Versatile and Vintage glass. 
$12.00                                                                Order 
#G5-10 Indiana, Tear Drop Green Compote
Indiana Glass Co. 1950s Compote or comport with teardrop pattern along the edge. This lovely pressed glass compote is  an emerald or moss green in color. 7 1/2" tall, 5 1/2" diameter.  Scalloped edge with a raised tear drop at the point where scallops meet. It has 3 raised bars inside bottom. The stem base bottom has several raised numbers. Stem is nicely detailed.  In perfect condition.  Simple yet elegant design.
$13.00                                                                Order
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Imperial Candy Dish/Bowl
#G5-3 Amber Imperial Candy Dish/Bowl
1 available
Vintage and Really Beautiful oval candy, relish, nut, tidbit dish. Deep amber. Fairly thick glass with panel pattern sides and starburst prescut bottom.  Mint condition. Imperial Mark center bottom. Including handles 8 1/2" long, 2 1/4" tall. Versatile dish for use and display.
$14.00                                                                Order
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see pattern
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#G5-1 Indiana Whitehall: Footed Juice Tumbler, 5 oz, 5" tall
2 juice tumblers/glasses available
The company opened in 1907 as a result of the National Glass Company going out of business. They made hand pressed tumblers for soda fountains and other commercial businesses. The colored mold-etched dinnerware started in the late 1920's and Indiana was one of the leading glass makers in the industry.  Then merging with Lancaster in 1955 they became Lancaster Colony Corporation in 1961. Indiana Glass Company closed December 2002.  These juice Tumblers are from the 60s or 70s.  They are in good condition with a few minor scratches but no chips or cracks.
$6.00 each                                                          Order            
A larger one is listed on Vases & Planters Two.
 WP&G Japan Sculptured Rose Basket Bowl
 WP&G Japan Sculptured Rose Basket Bowl
ndiana American Whitehall Footed Juice Tumbler
G5-4 Footed Princess House Prescut Fairy Lamp, 1950s
1 available
Beautiful Fairy Light in Amber Prescut Crystal made by Princess House. mid 20th century. The pattern is detailed diamonds and ridges that are fairly deep and it is a heavy weight glass. Fairy lights are used for holding candles and they cast a dancing pattern through the glass cover.  It is 7" tall overall and the footed base is 5" in diameter. There are no chips, cracks or flaws. It would make a romantic and lovely gift from a by-gone era. Vintage collectible in Excellent Condition.
$16.00                                                                Order
Footed Indiana Amber Prescut Fairy Lamp, 1950s, Open
Footed Indiana Amber Prescut Fairy Lamp, 1950s
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#G5-8B  Brockway, Amber Concord Footed Glass 
4 available.
These are beautiful patterned prescut amber tumblers.6 ¼” tall, 2 ¾” top diameter.  Holds 10 ounces. "This pattern, often mistakenly called Sandwich Glass (and usually confused with Tiara) was made by Brockway Glass 1977-1978 in amber and clear. Concord is not a reproduction or fake; it is a nice lacy pattern made by a relatively unknown company" quoted from  "www..shop4antiques" There are no chips, cracks or flaws!  A very nice older set of glasses and very decorative. 
(BV is $9.00 each) 
My price
$8.00 each or
$25.00 for all  Four                                             Order
$8.00 each 
$25.00 for all  Four
 Brockway, Amber Concord Footed Glass
2000 The New Millenium Cobalt Blue Glass Champagne Flute
#G5-2  2000 The New Millennium Cobalt Blue Glass Champagne Flute
1 set of 2 available
Beautiful Quality Cobalt Blue Champagne Flute was produced as a souvenir collectible for the New Millennium.The stemware is not fragile and is made of fairly thick cobalt glass Colorful fireworks bursts circle the glass. Painted "2000 The New Millennium" is on one side.  8 7/8" tall. 2" top diameter and 2 5/8" base diameter. Not marked. In Excellent Condition. A unique collectible for use or display.
Was $24.00 now on sale for $18.00                    Order
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Mikasa Rosella Pink Serving Plate or Platter
Mikasa Rosella Pink Serving Plate or Platter
GC2-6 Mikasa Rosella Pink Serving Plate or Platter
1 available 
Gorgeous, Rosella Mikasa in an elegant shaded pink crystal, prescut flowers and leaves tid bit, fruit or serving plate. Can be called a Demi-Torte plate. Pattern made 1989 through 1997 then discontinued. Fairly thick glass with sculptured and frosted leaves and deeper pink sculptured flowers.   The art work is on the underside of the plate and the top is smooth.  12 1/2" in diameter.  The ruffled sides are 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" tall. Click HERE for Side View. Wonderful for display and to use on special occasions.  No chips, cracks or flaws.  Merits Excellent Condition.
Was $45.00 now on sale for $36.00                Order

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