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This gorgeous vase is unmarked. I have had it since the early 80's.  It appears to be porcelain or china.  8 3/4" tall, top is 5 1/8" diameter, base 4 3/8" diameter.  Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or crazing.   It is ivory and  quite elegant.  The flowers are as pictured in soft muted colors. The flower spray at the top goes over the lip of the vase. Click IRIS   to see another side of the vase.  Click LIP to see it from the top.
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McCocy Footed Vase
McCoy Footed Vase, back
Signed McCoy vase, signature on bottom. Beautiful ivory or off white, 
10 paneled sides with scalloped rim and scallops  at base above foot. Embossed vine and grapes on one side.  Mint condition, no chips, cracks or crazing.  I have had it since the 60s. 7 1/4" tall, top 3 1/4" diameter, base 3 1/2" diameter. Perfect size for Medium arrangement of seasonal flowers. Quality McCoy pottery.
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Iris Porcelain Vase
Haeger Footed Vase Planter, Yellow
#VP-07 Hoosier Clear Swirl Glass Vase 
Vases made by Hoosier have become very collectible.  
I was told the company originated in 1956. Hoosier now makes industrial glass, and apparently no longer makes vases for the florist trade. This lovely example is  8 1/2" tall. Top diameter 4", rounded ridged swirl pattern. Mark impressed on bottom 13 Hoosier Glass 4082-4090.  This is a nice size for the mixed bouquet from your garden or for wildflowers.  Excellent condition.
$10.00                                                      Order
#VP-08 Clear Amber Footed Vase  
Lovely light clear amber glass vase, probably from the 60s or 70s.  10 1/4" tall, top 3 1/4" diameter. I would call it bell shaped. No chips, cracks or flaws. This is an elegant and delicate amber glass.  The foot and stem are clear. Unmarked. Perfect condition.
$14.00                                                       Order
This footed yellow pottery has a lot of charm in its simplicity.  I have had it since the 70s. Mark stamped on the bottom reads Haeger  USAo #42. Mint condition. 5 1/8" tall, top 5 1/4" diameter. Short bouquets of violets or pansies look lovely in it. Can also be used with taller arrangements.
$15.00                                                         Order
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#F1-12 Lefton Mallard Duck Planter
This great Planter measures 6 3/4" high and is 8" long. It is in very good condition. There is a tiny chip on the beak, which is hard to find, and a few small spots of paint loss. It looks like fine porcelain or bisque, and has a regal look to it.  Wonderful detail.  Marked with a Lefton gold and red sticker and stamped in green, Mallard 889Perfect for any Duck or Lefton collection. 
$18.00                                                               Order
Lefton Mallard Duck Planter
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Hoosier Clear Swirl Vase
Amber Footed Vase
Amber Footed Vase, Clear Foot
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Haeger Pottery Vase/Urn
#VP-01 Haeger Pottery Vase/Urn
Unique Vintage Haeger pottery urn like vase.  Would also make a nice planter.  It is 6 3/4" tall, top diameter 5.1/2".  Lovely shape with panels.  
The foot has a small hollow that doesn't go into the base. A Christmas cactus in bloom looks wonderful in this urn.  Backstamp reads Haeger C USA 3933.  The label on the base reads Copyrighted Haeger, Macoma, IL.  Made in USA.  No chips, cracks or crazing. In Excellent Condition.
$26.00                                                                 Order
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#VP-02 Hoosier Large Green Vase
Beautiful depression like glass. From the 50s. Mark embossed in glass bottom, Hoosier Glass 1. Crinkle like green glass similar to Anchor Hocking's Lido Sereno pattern.  No manufacturing bubbles or defects, chips or cracks. Excellent condition.  Top diameter is  4 3/4" 9 1/2" tall, bottom is  4" diameter.  Hoosier is sturdy and beautiful vintage glass. Very nice for tall flower arrangements such as crepe myrtle. 
$14.00                                                               Order
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