Kurt S Adler, Four Season's Village
Views of the Village Accessories,
Trees, Pond, Street Clocks, 
Lamp Posts,  Mailbox, Snow,
Vintage & Collectible, 1994
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All of the Accessories on this page are part of the Kurt S. Adler, Inc. designs, hand crafted and handpainted pieces that accompany the Village Buildings and Figurines.  The Trees, Wreaths and Snow are used to define the Seasonal Presentations of the Village.
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KSA Four Seasons Vintage Woodenware
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These are all fine quality Bottle Brush type trees with thick bristles securely attached to the 
trunks of the trees and in the little pots. Some have plastic trunks and some have wire trunks with round wooden bases.  All of them stand upright well on a hard surface.  All trees are in Excellent condition.
WINTER, 24 Evergreen trees with snow flakes
Sixteen Small trees in pots,  1 ½” tall, evergreen, cone shape with snow flakes.
One Oval bottle brush tree, 4 ¼” tall. 
One Round bottle brush tree,  3 ¾” tall.
One Cone bottle brush, 4 ¼” tall.
CHRISTMAS TREES, Evergreen with snow flakes
Five trees 3 1/8" to 4" tall

FALL TREES: Left to Right
One Round bottle brush tree, red  3 1/4” tall.
One Cone Bottle brush tree, yellow 4 1/4” tall.
One Oval  Bottle brush tree, red 4 1/4” tall. 
Six Small trees in pots, 4 red, 2 yellow, all 1 ½” tall. 
One Cone bottle brush tree,kelly green, 4 3/8” tall. 
One Round bottle brush tree, moss green  3 1/4” tall.
One Oval bottle brush tree, moss green  4 1/8” tall. 

Ordering/Shipping Information 
# KSA-1 Street Clock
2 available
Black Metal Street Clock, with a clock face on both sides,  Roman numerals and time reads 8:00.  3 ¼” tall with embossed mark that reads Taiwan. Detailed designs
$8.00 each                                                        Order
Free U S Shipping on Items on this page.
# KSA- 2 Street Lamp
2 available
Detailed designs on Black Plastic Street Lamp that is 3” tall.
$7.00 each                                                         Order
# KSA- 3 Bag of Snow
2 available
Curly Plastic Snow. Quantity is about 2 cups. It is easy to brush up and is not sticky..
$6.00 each                                                          Order
# KSA- 4 Oval Mirror
1 available
This Oval Mirror is mirrored on both sides to use as an iced over pond. It is 
5 ¾” long, and 4” wide. There are no flaws in the mirrors.
$11.00                                                                  Order
# KSA- 5 U. S, Mail Box
1 available
Mail Box Is for the deposit of outgoing mail and can be placed on any corner of the Village Square. One side reads US MAIL. The front is indented with a mail deposit slot. It is  5/8” tall, and ½” wide.
$12.00                                                                 Order
# KSA-6 12 Miniature Wreaths
0 package available
The unopened package reads Santa’s World Holiday Trim.
The package contains 12 tiny wreaths, brown with white ornaments and pink ribbons. The wreaths measure ¼” in diameter.  . 
$6.00                                                                  Order
        CONE             ROUND                 OVAL
#KSA-7 Cone Bottle Brush Tree
1 available
$6.00                           Order
#KSA-8 Round Bottle Brush Tree
1 available
$6.00                           Order
#KSA-9 Oval Bottle Brush Tree
1 available
$6.00                           Order
#KSA-10 Cone Bottle Brush 
Fall Tree
1 available
$7.00                           Order
#KSA-11 Round Bottle Brush Fall Tree
1 available
$7.00                           Order
#KSA-12 Oval Bottle Brush Fall 1 available
$7.00                            Order
#KSA-12 Small Bottle Brush Fall Tree in pot.
6 available
$4.00 each                  Order
#KSA-13 Small Bottle Brush Christmas Tree in pot.
16 available
$4.00 each                   Order                           
#KSA-14 Cone Bottle Brush Christmas Tree 
1 available
$7.00                           Order
#KSA-15 Round Bottle Brush Christmas Tree.
1 available
$7.00                           Order
#KSA-16 Oval Bottle Brush Christmas Tree.
1 available
$7.00                           Order 
#KSA-17  Bottle Brush Christmas Tree on wood stand,
5 available
$7.00 each                  Order

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