Kurt S Adler, Four Season's Village
Views of the Village Buildings,
Church, Park, Wythe's Grocery, 
Golden Harvest Bakery, Firehouse, 
Depot, two Residences and Little House,
Vintage & Collectible 1994
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All of the Buildings and the Village Park, except the Little House, have their own Deed Of Sale, Certificate of Authenticity. The right half may be cut off and registered at Kurt S. Adler, Inc. The address is on the Deed.
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 is 4 3/4 “ square, 3” tall. It has 4 double metal street lights, one in each corner, one leans a little. There are 4 nails, one on each post, to hang wreaths on, a gazebo and 4 benches, 1 in each corner. There is a rock and grass surface, shrubs, and a decorative brick fence.. The entrance reads Park.   Nicely detailed on all 4 sides
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is an elegant Gothic style. It is very detailed, with two towers, stained glass windows,, angel frescos on the front and both sides. There is a cross on all 4 sides.  It is 5” tall, 3 1/4” wide and 2 ½” deep, 4 nails, on front windows for wreaths. One Christmas wreath, green & red, on right lower window. 1 available
Each of the 8 Buildings and the Village Park  are bisque porcelain. They are beautifully detailed on all four sides. The colors are vibrant and all are in Excellent Condition.
Each of the 7 Buildings and and the Village Park  have a backstamp reading: KSA Collectible FOUR SEASON'S VILLAGE –the name of the building, © KSA 1994; and a label reading Kurt S. Adler, Inc. made in china.
All 3 buildings are nicely detailed on all four sides. These three building are left to right. 
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1-#KSA-22 FIREHOUSE  It is  3 ½’ Tall, 2 1/2 ‘ Wide, 1 ¾” deep. In the arch near gable in roof, Front and Back reads KSA F.D. 1903. Over the front door reads  Hook & 5 Ladder.There is 1 nail in the front door for a wreath. There are outside stairs to the upper story on the back side of the Firehouse.
$26.00                                                                                                    Order
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KSA Four Seasons Village Figurines
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This is a little house that looks much like the other buildings, but it may not be a part of the original Village set. It is 1 3/8” tall, 1 ¾” wide. It is a two story, with blue tile roof, a fire place, and a climbing vine on back.  Label made in china. Nicely detailed
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This picture of one side of the church is an example of the wonderful detail that is on all of the buildings and pieces of this highly Collectibles KSA Four Seasons Village Set.

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2-#KSA-20 RESIDENCE #10   It is 3 3/8” tall,  2 3/8” wide at base, 1 ½” deep at base. There is 1 nail in the front door for wreath, the number 10 and a mailbox beside the door.
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3-#KSA-21 RESIDENCE #12    It is 4” tall, 2 ¾” wide at base, 2” deep at base. There is 1 nail in the front door for wreath, and the number 12, above door, It has a turret and chimney, two Bay windows and evergreens.
$24.00                                                                                              Order
All 3 buildings are nicely detailed on all four sides. These three building are left to right.
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 4 ¼” tall, 2 1/8” wide, 2” deep at base. Over the door reads, GOLDEN HARVEST and on door reads OPEN. There is 1 nail front door for a wreath.  Baked goods are showing in window with awning.
$24.00                                                                                               Order      
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It is 3 ½” tall, 3 1/3” wide, 1 7/8” deep. Reads Village Depot over the door. On the right front window it reads, Ticket Window. There is a clock on both sides of center tower. It reads Office Window on back of the Depot. There are 3 nails, front, side  and back doors for wreaths. It reads  Waiting,on a side door            $27.00                                                                 Order
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It is 4” tall, 2 ¾” wide at base, 2” deep at base. Reads Whythe's on awning. There are  5 nails for wreaths on doors and windows. There are  2  green and red Christmas wreaths on the front window, The market has a Turret and a Chimney, 3 produce bins in front and 1 bin on side.
$26.00                                                                                                     Order

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