Kurt S Adler, Four Season's Village
Views of the Village
Center, Square, East & West
Vintage & Collectible, 1994
This page shows suggested arrangements for the entire village. All parts are listed
on separate pages. Links are on the lower left side of this page.  This is a very rare villiage designed and marketed in 1994 by artistan Kurt S. Adler.
The view below shows the Church; The Village Park, the Carriage, Wythe's Market, the Grocer, Newsstand and Paper Rack, the Golden Harvest Bakery, the Firehouse; a Street Light, and Mailbox, on the right; The Couple by the bench, the  # 12 Residence, Postman, Street Light, People walking, Depot, and Street Clock on the left.
The view below shows the # 10 Residence, the  Mirror Pond and Children enjoying the snow  in addition to some of the items in the First picture. 
The view below shows a panoramic picture of the KSA Four Seasons Village.  Kurt S Adler Inc. was a designer and importer for 60 years.  His family has a web site with some general information about him on it. 
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The view below shows a side view of a Street Clock, more Evergreen Trees with snow, Children at play, and the Little House,  in addition to some of the items in the above picture. 
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