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Antique Sheep Sears
Steel Pulley Wheel
Steel Fence Post Topper
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#T-02 Very Old Antique Sheep Shears
A knowledgeable visitor told me these were sheep shears.  I do appreciate that kind of information.  They have been in my family a long time. Some rust.  They have  a wire holding the blades together.  I didn't want to take it off as I would probably never get it back on. I suppose they could be sharpened and actually used.  It would probably take a strong hand to use them.  12" long. These shears should be of interest to an antique tool collector.
$9.00                                                                   Order
#T-03 Vintage 3 Inch Steel Pulley
Heavy duty, sturdy pulley. 3" diameter.  Came off garage door
apparatus.  Handy item to have around.  Good working condition.
$4.00                                                                   Order
#T-04  Vintage Steel Fence Post Topper
Vintage decorative post top for chain link fence.  The top cross pole would go through the top hole.  Made of steel.  Good condition.  Collectible item.
4 3/8" tall,
$3.00                                                                  Order
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#TS-1 Pro Action, Pro Classic Four Golf Clubs Set
Vintage 80s, All metal with Hard rubber grips. Mark on club Pro Classic,  Mark top of grip Pro Action USA. 1=wood club 44 5/8” long. 3 Irons SSV #5, 39” long. SSV #7, 37 ¾” long, SSV #9 36 ¾” long. Very Good Condition.
$16.00 Set                                                                                     Order
Pro Action, Pro Classic Four Golf Clubs
Pro Action, Pro Classic Four Golf Clubs, Close Up
Mark, Pro Classic Four Golf Clubs
 Vintage Leather Canadian Club Ladies Skates, 1942
 Vintage Leather Canadian Club Ladies Skates, 1942, soles
 Vintage Leather Canadian Club Ladies Skates, 1942, tongues
#TS-2 Vintage Leather Canadian Club Ladies Skates, 1942
I bought these ladies ice skates in 1942, and learned to skate on an indoor ice skating rink in Oakland, CA.  Several years later, after WWII I lived in Dallas, TX and used them a few times at at indoor ice rink there.  They have been in storage all these years and for some reason, probably sentimental, I kept them. The size is not marked in the shoe but they are 8 or 8 1/2.  The sole measures 10 1/2" in length and 3 1/2" wide; shoes including blade measure 11" tall. There is some surface rust on the steel which you can see in the pictures. The leather is in good used condition.  The old yellowed laces are inside one of them but they would need new laces.  The tongues are lined with thick fleece. Engraved on the blade is Canadian Club. Engraved on the steel attached to the shoes is made in Canada, Canada-u.s.a., patent pending, and a 10 is also engraved in that area.  In the leather on the sole there is a mark which reads Steel B.A. Shank. These vintage skates should be of interest to a collector. They also might enjoy being used by a young lady who loves to skate, or even figure skate like "Sonja Henie"
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