#MM-1 Mary Kay Makeup Mirror
80's makeup mirror on stand, from Mary Kay. Regular mirror on 1 side, magnified on the other. Mirror stores in tray. no insert. Tray 8" square 1 1/4" ht. A good toy for a little girl "into" makeup.  Excellent Condition.
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Oval Wall Mirror, bakelite
Kary Kay Makeup Mirror
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Bureau Mirror, Bakelite
Large Bureau Mirror, Bakelite
#MM-4 Bakelite Frame/ Stand Bureau Mirror 
This large vintage and unusual mirror is the kind that was typically used atop a bureau or dressing table in the early 1900s.  The frame is either celluloid or Bakelite and is in very good condition.  The round side is the magnifying mirror.  Mirror and frame 11" tall, 8 1/4" wide.  The frame around the mirror is 2" wide and mirrors on either side are recessed 1/2". The stand is 2 1/2" wide at the bottom.  Both mirrors are good quality and have no scratches or flaws in them.  There are some scratches on the bottom of the frame where it sits but do not show.  The mirror can be tilted in the frame a full circle.  This really nice mirror belongs in a period or country home.
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Miscellaneous Mirrors
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Vintage & Collectible

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Maple Frame Wall Mirror
Maple Frame Wall Mirror, large
#MMR-01 Celluloid Hand Mirror
This is a vintage 30s, old oval hand mirror set in a celluloid frame.  It is in remarkable condition for its age.  There is a small 1/8" hole near the edge on the back that you can see in the enlarged picture.  There is a small smudge on the back.  The beveled edged mirror has a few light scratches and some small specks at the bottom edge. Otherwise the celluloid overall is in great condition. There are no cracks or crazing. Good Quality Mirror.  Nice Art Deco design.  It is fairly heavy and would be a worthy addition to a celluloid or mirror collection.
$29.00                                                                     Order 
#MMR-02 Maple Frame Wall Mirror
Beautiful, Large, Wide, Wood Frame, Wall Mirror.  This mirror is
vintage 50s and in Excellent condition.  There are no flaws in the quality mirror or in the somewhat ornate 5"  wide, patterned frame. Scallops on the outside and inside edges of the frame, with a gold inside trim.  It is 20"  by 25.5" and can be hung horizontally or vertically.  There is a wire hanger across the back to hang it horizontally.  There is a brown paper dust protector on the back.  This mirror would look nice with any decor but would be right at home with Early American or Provincial furnishings.
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$39.00                                                                        Order             
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Vintage Celluloid Hand Mirror
Celluloid Hand Mirror, back
#MM-2 0VAL WALL MIRROR, Bakelite Frame Japan
Very old oval wall mirror.  The frame looks like Bakelite.  It is 10 1/2" long,  8 1/2" wide  and 1" thick.  There is a hole for hanging on the back as well was a cord for hanging. Back label reads Made in Japan, Takahashi, San Francisco 94103R.No cracks or flaws in the mirror or frame.  
Very Good + Condition.
$29.00                                                                        Order                  
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