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TCS-5  Ardco Footed Teacup and Saucer Set
1Set available
Cup and saucer have a feathered gold rim and gold patterns. Both have a pale mint green band trim. A rose bouquet on each. Saucer is reticulated with spaced open scallops. The delicate foot of Cup has tiny raised ridges. Saucer is 5 7/8" in diameter cupped to 7/8". Dainty footed cup is 3 1/8" tall and top is 3 1/8" in diameter.  Label reads Ardco Fine Quality Dallas Made in JapanGold Mark reads C-3084 . Ardco was active in Dallas in the 1950s. Excellent condition Very nice vintage collectible.
TCS-6  Vintage 70s New Mexico Souvenir Teacup and Saucer.
2 Sets available
Saucer 5 5/8" diameter, cupped to 7/8" tall.  Cup 2 1/8" tall, top 3 3/8" diameter. This teacup and saucer set is an opaque white iridescent porcelain with the muted colors that change in the light. The edges of cup and saucer have a wide soft scallop and have a gold trim.  Cup 2 1/8" tall, top 3 3/8" diameter. RED RIVER, N.M., PASS ELEV. 10,000 FT is printed in the center of the saucer.  There are four scenes marked Fisherman’s Paradise, Indian Pueblo Taos, N.M., Indian Dances, and the large landscape at the top with what looks like jnao. Very Nice souvenir to add to your collection.
$12.00  each                                                                      
TCS-4  Vintage  RARE Bavaria 3 piece Lidded 2 HandledTeacup and Saucer Set
1 Set available
Saucer 5 3/8" diameter,cupped to 5/8" tall. Cup 2 3/8" tall, top 3 5/8" diameter. Gold trim around the top edges of cup, the two handles and the saucer. Gold filigree designs on both Cup and saucer. Soft scallops in the saucer, cup foot and lid. No chips or cracks. Very Good plus condition. Beautiful Bavaria lidded cup and saucer set to use or display. 
$62.00  Free U.S. Shipping 
Vintage 70s New Mexico Souvenir Teacup and Saucer.
Vintage 70s New Mexico Souvenir Teacup and Saucer.
TCS-10 Vintage Porcelain Teacup with Gray and White Curved Stripes.
1 Cup available
2 ½" tall, 3 3/4" top diameter. White background has the soft iridescent colors of pink, green, blue and gold that change when rotated in the light. The wide stripes on the outside have alternate large and small flowers in gold. Gold trim on handle, round scalloped foot and on the rim.Two red and yellow rose bouquets inside the cup. Mark on the bottom of cup in gold reads  C-131. Beautiful and unique cup for use or display. 
No chips or cracks. Excellent condition.
Vintage Porcelain Teacup with Gray and White Curved Stripes.
Vintage Porcelain Teacup with Gray and White Curved Stripes.
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TCS-11  Exquisite Hand Painted Lefton China Saucer
1  available
Backstamp has a crown and reads, Lefton China, Hand Painted, Reg. U. S.  Pat. Off 20583. Elaborate form and design on this lovely saucer. The background color is a soft pearl like green. Edge is scalloped with gold paint in a filigree floral pattern running down between each pair of reticulated hearts in the china. There are small half circles between each heart with a continuation of the gold design with flowers and touching the round picture of the ladies, who  apparently are being visited by a nude cherub with wings. There are soft ridges in the china. Two ladies have flowers in their hands. Saucer is 5 7/8" in diameter cupped to 7/8". Saucer is loverly for display and cupped enough to use for a candy or nut dish. No chips or cracks and in Very Good Plus condition.
 Exquisite Hand Painted Lefton China Saucer
 Exquisite Hand Painted Lefton China Saucer-mark
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3 pc Tea set Bavaria
Ardco Teacup Saucer Set
Ardco teacup mark
Arco Teaset cup and saucer
Bavaria 3 pc Teaset
avaria 3 pc teaset
Baveria teaset Mark
Foley Bone Chine Teacup and Saucer
Fo;ey Bone China Teacup and Saucer
Foley Teacup Saucer Label
TCS-12 Vintage Foley Bone China Teacup and Saucer Set 
Made in England
1 Set available
Lovely Bone China teacup and saucer with dainty rose bouquets. Soft cream color with soft yellow color inside the cup and in the center ring of the saucer.  It is very old but the flowers and gold trim are in excellent condition. The saucer has a hairline crack outside the center ring to the edge. It is suitable for display. The price is for the cup only but saucer is included for display.The rim and foot of the cup and the saucer rim have shallow scallops. Saucer is 5 1/4" in diameter cupped to 3/4" tall. Cup is 2 5/8" tall and 3 3/8" top diameter. Display rack is included. No chips or cracks in cup and in Very Good Plus condition.