These are vintage and collectible 70s and 80s cardboard Thanksgiving decorations with large honeycombs that have either the front and  back of the figure or the front of the figure on both sides which makes them viewable from any angle.  When opened they all will stand alone in a group decoration or can be used as an accent by themselves. The honeycombs fold up flat for storage. They are used but in good to very good condition. Most have the tabs for opening the honeycombs to make them stand. If tab is missing a paperclip will work just as well. The colors are bright and there are no stains.  The honeycombs are heavy 2 ply tissue  paper and are quite attractive in the bright shaded colors.  These are quality cardboard and paper decorations to use each year in the fall and at Thanksgiving. 
Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations
Vintage and Collectible
Honeycomb Pilgrims, Scarecrows, Cornshocks from Beistle, 
Denmark, & Taiwan

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#HT-5  Pilgrim Honeycomb Body Ruff  with Turkey
This happy looking teenaged Pilgrim is bringing home the Thanksgiving wild turkey that he shot with his trusty musket. He looks quite pleased that he was successful.  He is 11" in. tall and 6" wide. He has a full honeycomb body ruff with a white collar, brown clothing, yellow socks and brown shoes.  Needs a small paperclip to close ruff. Made in Denmark.
$5.00                                                                                Order
#HT-6  Young  Pilgrim with Cornshock Honeycomb
This very young lad has a turkey by the neck but the turkey has his eyes open so he may be a  pet. The boy seems to be hiding behind the large cornshock. He is 7" tall and 7" wide. Needs a small paperclip to close corn shock ruff.  Made in Denmark.
$5.00                                                                                Order
#HT-7  Large 11 ½" Honeycomb Cornshock
Large yellow cornshock. 11 ½" tall, 9" base diameter Two tab closures intact. It is unmarked.
$5.00                                                                                Order
#HT-8  Bashful Scarecrow with Honeycomb Cornshock
This scarecrow is standing in the sun in a pumpkin patch but he doesn't look scary enough to intimidate any crows. 10" tall, base is 7" wide. The cornshock has the tab intact.  The grass honeycomb  needs two small paperclips to close.  The decorations has the same front and ruff on both sides. Copyright= Beistle Co. Made in u.s.a.
$5.00                                                                                Order
#HT-9 Large Scarecrow and Honeycomb Cornshock
This jolly scarecrow has a mouse in his hat band.  He is quite alert so I expect he is on the lookout for crows to scare.  Although he is pleasant now he may change his expression should a crow come near. Tab closure is  intact. 11 3/4" tall, 11 ½" wide. Copyright= Beistle Co. 1979 Made in u.s.a..
$5.00                                                                                Order
#HT-10 Large Leaves with Sawtooth Edges
These 3 leaves are made of heavy 2 ply tissue paper. They are the same on both sides and the back sides have a piece of scotch tape where I rolled a small piece of tape and attached them to a window. The shading is similar but not quite the same on each leaf.  They are 10 ½" long and 6" wide. Two are in good condition and one in fair condition.  They are quite lovely on a large window and add to the ambiance of the fall season
3 leaves for
$3.00                                                                               Order
#HT-11  Large Scalloped Leaves
The two oak leaves are 11 ½" long and 8" wide.  The maple leaf is10 3/4" long and 9 ½" wide. The 3 leaves are made of heavy tissue paper. They are the same on both sides and the back sides have a piece of scotch tape where I rolled a small piece of tape and attached them to a window. They look really nice on a window when doing fall decorating in keeping with the
lovely colors of the tree leaves.
3 leaves for
$3.00                                                                                Order
#HT-12  Happy Thanksgiving Cardboard Banner
When doing fall or Thanksgiving decorating a Happy Thanksgiving sign is the finishing touch.This simple but decorative 14 3/4" by 10 ½" cardboard banner with the large cornshock, fenced pumpkin patch, large sun and geese flying south, along with the scripted greeting is just right for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Copyright= Beistle Co. 1979 made in u.s.a..
The other side has pictures of decorations that were included in the original package. Has a thumbtack hole in each top corner and rolled tape on the back  where it was attached to a wall. 
$3.00                                                                           Order
Large 11 ½" Honeycomb Cornshock
Bashful Scarecrow with Honeycomb Cornshock
Happy Thanksgiving Banner
 Large Scalloped Maple Leaf
Large Leaves with Sawtooth Edges
Large Leaves with Sawtooth Edges
Large Leaves with Sawtooth Edges
 Large Scalloped Oah Leaf
Young  Pilgrim with Cornshock Honeycomb
Large Scarecrow and Honeycomb Cornshock
Pilgrim Honeycomb Body Ruff  with Turkey
 Large Scalloped Oak Leaf
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