Tupperware Imprint Cookie Cutters
Santa, Tree, Piglet, Rabbit, Birthday 
Cake, Jack-o-Lantern, Shamrock, 
Clover, Dutch Gingerbread Boy, 
Turkey,  Mini Shapes
Vintage and Collectible 

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Tupperware Cookie Cutters:  These Vintage, large size imprint cookie cutters are all in Very Good to Excellent Condition.  All are Hard Plastic with a handle on the back with  Mark on the handle, Marked Tupperware u.s.a..  Very similar to the Hallmark Imprint Cookie Cutters  Nicely detailed.  
Choose the ones you want to make your own set.
TCC-1 Red Standing Santa Cookie Cutter 
5" tall
1 available EX
$5.00 each         
#TCC-10  Mini Shapes Cutters
5 Red
Square  2 1/8" sq. 4 mini shapes; circle, flower, star, square. about 1" diameter, 3/8" deep) Large center handle.
5 red available;
$3.00 each           Order
#TCC-9 Red Gingerbread Dutch Boy Cookie Cutter  
4 1/2" tall"
4 available EX
$4.00 each         
#TCC-3  Red Rabbit Cookie Cutter  
5" tall
1 available EX
$5.00 each           
#TCC-5 Red Pig or Piglet
Cookie Cutter   5" tall
5 available EX
$5.00 each            
#TCC-7 Red Turkey
Cookie Cutter  
3 1/4" by 3 1/4"
2  available EX
$5.00 each       Order
#TCC-4 Red Pumpkin
Jack-O-Lantern Cookie Cutter  
3 1/2" by 3 1/2"
1 available EX
$5.00 each      
#TCC-2 Red Christmas 
Tree Cookie Cutter  
4 1/2"  tall
0 available  EX
$5.00 each        
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  Red Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Red Rabbit Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Red Santa  Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Red Christmas Tree Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Red Birthday Cake Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Green Clover or Shamrock Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Red Gingerbread Boy Tupperware Cookie Cutter
#TCC-8 Green 4 leaf Clover and Shamrock Cookie Cutter  4 1/4" tall"
5 available EX
$4.00 each         
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These Tupperware Mini Cookie Cutter Shapes. are also used to make canapes and hordu'vres and as Play Doh cutters. Marked Tupper ware u.s.a.
 Tupperware Cutter, 4 Mini Shapes  Red Square  2 1/8" sq. 4 mini shapes; circle, flower, star, square.
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Also listed on St. Patricks Cookie Cutters
#TCC-6 Red Birthday Cake  Cookie Cutter
3 1/4" by 4"
4 available EX
$5.00 each      
Tupperware Mini Shapes, Orange
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Red Piglet Tupperware Cookie Cutter
Light Green Shamrock Cookie Cutter
#TCC-8B Light  Green 4 leaf Clover and Shamrock Cookie Cutter  4 1/4" tall"
1 available EX
Also listed on St. Patricks Cookie Cutters
Red Turkey Tupperware Cookie Cutter
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#TCC-10B 1 Orange Mini Shape.