Large Satin Glass Bud Vase
#BV-01 Large Satin Glass Bud Vase
1 available
This beautiful vintage 70s , Art Glass, Yellow Frosted bud vase is 12" tall and has a base diameter of 2 3/4".  This may be what is called stretch glass. There are light streaks running vertically from top to base which do not show up well in the picture.  This is a delicate yellow and quite elegant looking vase.  Ruffled top and thicker at the base which makes it stable. Unmarked. Excellent condition. Was $29.00, Now
$19.00  + free U.S. shipping                                                                      Order
#BV-02 Prescut Green Bud Vase
1 available 
Beautiful prescut depression glass budvase.  No mark except number embossed on the bottom 4092 on one side and a large 2 on the other side.  9" tall, top 
1 1/2" diameter, bottom bulb 3 3/8" wide. The pattern is like a diamond waffle that gets larger at the base. Fairly deep lines.  Vase is old, c 40s or 50s, and in mint condition.  No chips, cracks or mfg. flaws that I can detect. A wonderful item for the budvase or depression glass collector.
$14.00  + free U.S. shipping                                                                    Order
Prescut Green Bud Vase
Crystal Indiana Bud Vase
#BV-03 Crystal Indiana Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely clear glass budvase, probably from the 60s or 70s. Label on bottom reads, "Made in USA, item #0840, Indiana Glass Co. Lancaster Colony, OH.  9" tall, top 2 3/8" diameter, base 2 3/8" diameter. No chips, cracks or flaws. There are rounded and ribbed panels all around the vase. Three to five flowers  look beautiful in it.
$12.00  + free U.S. shipping                                                                        Order
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#BV-06 Hour Glass Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely Vintage 70s delicate glass bud vase, with an hour glass shape. Light swirl pattern that makes the glass look wavy. 9 3/4" tall. 2 1/4" base diameter, Small manufacturing oval bubble.  Soft green color.  Very Good Condition. Label on bottom, Made in Korea.
$12.00   + free U.S. shipping                                                                    Order 
Hour Glass Bud Vase
#BV-09 Crystal Bell Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely footed Bell Shaped bud vase.  Vintage 50s. 10 1/4" tall,  2 7/8 " base.  Ruffled top. Excellent Condition.  Simple and delicate. Unmarked.
$12.00 + free U.S. shipping                                                                         Order
Crystal Bell Shape Bud Vase
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#BV-07 Anchor Hocking Wexford Bud Vase
1 available
Beautiful vintage 60s Wexford Crystal by Anchor Hocking, small bud vase. 6" tall,  3 1/4"  wide hexagon base. Prescut glass. It has the scalloped edge, waffle pattern, and sunburst on bottom. Mint condition.  Nice vase for the Wexford or bud vase collector.
$12.00  + free U.S. shipping                                                                        Order 
Anchor Hocking Wexford Bud Vase
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