Golden Bee Cross Stitch Initials, Complete Alphabet,
Golden Bee Cross Stitch Initials
Faith Van Zanten, Bean Bag Crafts, Simplicity 7695
Vintage Craft Sewing Patterns 
Faith Van Zanten, Golden Bee, 
McCalls,  Simplicity
Bean Bag Crafts, Doll Clothing, 
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Designer Doll Clothes, Simplicity 9286
Night Cap Moon Baby Doll, Simplicity 6874
Wardrobe for 11 1/2" Dolls, Simplicity 8281
Vintage Doll Wardrobe, Barbie 11 1/2", Simplicty 9097
#CFP-3 Bean Bag Crafts Simplicity 7695 
cp=1997. by Faith Van Zanten.  22 pieces with instructions.. Uncut and factory folded. Patterns for Tote Organizers, Apron, Sleeping Bag,  and Clothes for 9" (23cm) Bean Bag Animals. Very Good+ Condition.  Great patterns for the Beanie Baby Collector.
$15.00                                                                  Order
#CFP-4  Golden Bee Cross Stitch Floral Initials 60312
Uncut, Unused, Vintage 80s  Alphabet Wearables pattern kit contains 8.5 Tear-away cotton canvas, 100% cotton floss, complete floral alphabet, needle and easy-to-follow instructions. Very Good+ Condition. Personalized clothing makes a nice gift. 
$7.00                                                                  Order
#CFP-6 Night Cap Moon Baby, Simplicity 6874
cp=1995.- 9 pieces.  Cut pattern. Doll will be about 14" tall, Star pillow about 14" tall and wide. Really cute decoration or toy for a child's room. Very Good Condition. 
$9.00                                                                 Order
#CFP-7 Designer Doll Clothes, Simplicity 9286
cp=1994. 16 pieces. 3 sizes. Small=12" to 14" , Medium 16" to 18", Large 20" to 22" Dolls.  3 pieces have been cut, 13 pieces are uncut. Includes dresses, sacque, panties, head band, bonnet and hat.  Sleeves, collars,  and lengths are interchangeable. Very Good+ Condition. Wonderful pattern for different size doll clothing.
$21.00                                                                 Order
#CFP-9 Vintage Wardrobe for Dolls, Simplicity 9097
cp=1970.  Cut pattern.  26 pieces. Wardrobe for 11 1/2" dolls such as Barbie, Julia and Maddie Mod.  This is a combination of two patterns which will have 1 extra veil, body suit, and wrap around skirt. plus Wardrobe including wedding gown, short and long skirts, pants ensemble top and cape.  The wedding dress is similar but not the one that is pictured.  Wear to envelope tape mended. Patterns in Very Good Condition. Rare and collectible doll patterns. 
$18.00                                                                 Order
#CFP-10 Wardrobe for Dolls, Simplicity 8281
cp=1977.  Cut pattern. 39 pieces.  Wardrobe for 11 1/2"  and 
12 1/2" dolls such as Barbie, Cher and Farrah. Wardrobe 
includes wedding gown, evening gown, cape, top and pants, sundress, culottes and vest,  warm-up suit. Very Good+ Condition. Rare and collectible doll patterns
$22.00                                                                 Order
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