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BV=Book Value
Mitake I.M.C. Fine China Japan
This beautiful fine china of Japan is vintage 50s and rare.  Mitake is a well known manufacturer of Fine China. This pattern, I.M.C. is no longer in circulation and is difficult to find.  Very elegant china yet heavy enough for every day use. Each piece is marked with 2 symbols, china, Mitake I.M.C. Japan. Click HERE to see mark. The china is white and pattern is a delicate feather like flower in turquoise, black and silver with a platinum trim. Prices are well below book value. 
All pieces in Very Good to Excellent Condition.  
Mitake I.M.C. Creamer & Sugar Bpwl with Lid
#DM-1 Mitake I.M.C. Creamer & Sugar Bowl with Lid 
1 set available
Creamer, spout to handle 6",  2 1/2" tall.   Sugar Bowl  handle  to handle 7",  with lid 3 1/2" tall. Top opening 
3 1/2" diameter. Excellent condition. (BV is $68) 
my price 
$45.00                                             Order
Mitake I.M.C. Tureen or Covered Casserole Server
#DM-2 Mitake Tureen or Covered Casserole Server
1 available
Tureen 7 1/2" top diameter, 3 1/2" tall without lid.  
5" tall with lid. Beautiful accessory piece, really 
rare. Excellent condition. 
$42.00                                                 Order
Mitake I.M.C. Large Platter
#DM- 4 Mitake I.M.C. Large Platter
1 available
Large Platter, 16" by 11 1/4". 1 small chip under rim. Does not show from the top. Click HERE to see the 1/4" Chip from the bottom of platter. Platter is Deep and is 1 3/4" to top of rim, outside measurement. Very Good condition. (price adjusted).
$35.00                                               Order
Mitake I.M.C. Gravy Boat
#DM-3 Mitake I.M.C. Large Gravy Boat
1 available
Gray boat,  with attached underplate. Underplate 
8 1/4"long,  boat 7 1/4" long x 4 1/2" wide, by 3 1/4" tall.  Excellent condition(BV $69)
my price 
$45.00                                                Order
Mitake I.M.C. Bread & Butter, Salad, Dessert Plate
Mitake I.M.C. Luncheon, Salad, Dessert Plate
#DM-6 Mitake I.M.C. Luncheon/Salad/Dessert Plate
2 available.  
Luncheon/Salad/dessert plate, 7 3/4" diameter. Light wear to the platinum trim. No chips, cracks or crazing.
Very Good Condition
(BV $9.99my price-
$8.00 each                                                   Order
#DM-5 Mitake I.M.C, Bread & Butter/Salad/Dessert Plate
11 available
Plates are 6 1/4" diameter.  Excellent Condition.   
(BV $8)   my price                                
 $6.00 each                                               Order
Mitake I.M.C. Cup & Saucer Set
#DM-7 Mitake I.M.C. Cup & Saucer Set
4 sets available.
Mitake Cup diameter 4 1/8", 2 1/4" tall.  Excellent condition. Saucer with inner ring, 6" diameter. There is light trim wear to some of the saucers. No chips, cracks or crazing. Very Good Condition.
BV per set $25..99) my price
$16.00 each set                                   Order
Mitake I.M.C. Soup or Serving Bowl
#DM-8 Mitake I.M.C. Soup/Serving Bowl 
2 available
Soup or serving Bowl 7 1/4" diameter, 1 3/8" tall. 
Excellent condition.
(BV=$19) my price-
 $14.00 each                                               Order
Mitake I.M.C.Saucer
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#DM-7B Mitake I.M.C. Saucer
5 available
Saucer with inner ring 6" diameter.  May have light trim wear in the platinum trim.  No chips, cracks or crazing. Very Good Condition.
(BV=10.99) my price
$8.00 each                                                         Order
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